Virtual Congress

Virtual Congress

WFPICCS 2020 will be a Virtual World Congress!

Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. The current coronavirus crisis has prompted us to take extraordinary measures.

Even in difficult times, advancing pediatric intensive and critical care remains our top priority. Exchanging medical research and sharing novel insights is more important than ever before.

Therefore, WFPICCS 2020 will not be postponed, instead, for the first time in our history, WFPICCS 2020 will be held as an entirely virtual congress. Instead of meeting in person, we will be meeting over the web in virtual rooms. Our lectures will be still delivered by experts. All the posters will still be shared. Corporate symposia will be webcast online and on time. Exhibitors will be able to meet online to discuss new collaborations. And, of course, there’ll still be areas for Q&A sessions and the discussions and interactions that WFPICCS Congresses are famous for.

We must continue to exchange clinical data, share novel insights and still discuss findings together.

WFPICCS 2020 has risen to the coronavirus challenge and the virtual Congress format will enable us to meet and interact while we all remain safe in our own country, our hospital or our office.

Together we can build a stronger community through learning and exchange. To help us in our mission to advance pediatric intensive and critical care, we ask for your continued support.

Stay with your commitment to WFPICCS 2020 by joining us online.

WFPICCS 2020 is your Congress. Help us make history by joining our first-ever virtual Congress. Share your science, your insights, your experiences and your expertise through your participation. Become part of the first virtual WFPICCS Congress!

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